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Optical Fiber Cables

Direct Buried Cables

Direct buried armored fiber optic cables are ideal for installations that require to be buried directly in the ground or for installation in conduit where rodents are still able to get inside. The corrugated steel tape has excellent rodent protection and water blocking abilities, providing a protective barrier between the fiber cable and the elements surrounding it. With an operating temperature range of between -40ºC and 85ºC. During manufacturing, it is ensured that the armored direct burial fiber cable will be well protected in harsh conditions.
LTE offers two types of Direct Buried Cables, depending upon the utilization:

Standard Buried Cables


Direct buried fiber optic cable is a kind of optical cable which is armored with steel tape or steel wire outside. With performance of resisting external mechanical damage and soil erosion, it can be directly buried in the ground.

Premium Buried Cables

LTE premium buried design offers High tensile strength, High crush strength, Corrosion resistance, Superior moisture protection capability and Rodent protection.